To register for the Rock Run Raiser, click on this link.  Space is limited to 500 participants, so sign-up today!
Registration costs are as follows:

$ 49  for adults (16 and over)

$ 39 per person for groups of 4 or more

$ 29 for kids 8 to 15

The race will be run in waves every 30 minutes.

We offer three different options:

Adult competitive - The adult competitive waves  will award prizes to the top three runners! 

Adult and Children non-competitive - Open to ages 8 and up; you will be given your time at the end of the race!

Family non-competitive - open to families that would like to run together;  time will be given at the end of the race!


To save time, please download the waiver and bring it with you completed on the day of the Rock Run Raiser.